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Bulk Billed Telehealth Consult


Under COVID-19 National Health Plan and to protect our staff and patients during Covid-19 Pandemic, Somerton Road Medical Centre will not be able to offer a face-to-face appointment until a doctor has assessed our patients via Telehealth consultation. Telehealth means patients can speak with the doctor via a phone call from home instead of attending the practice.

If a patient needs to have a face-to-face consultation, the doctor can determine the need, risk and requirements, and also determine any protective measures that can be put in place before arranging an appointment to see a doctor at the practice.

While booking a Telehealth consult, please confirm the phone number to reach you. We request our patients to be accessible via. Telephone at least 5 mins before the consultation and be available for the length of the consultation which may vary according to circumstances. Please note that doctors can often run late due to delayed consultation times and please be available for consultation well after the appointment time. Please note that waiting times can sometimes exceed by 30 minutes. The doctor will try and call the patient twice, and for any reason if the consultation does not proceed, we request that the appointment be rescheduled by the patient themselves.

In the event where patients require Referrals/ Prescriptions/ Pathology to be issued, patients are requested to collect during our pick up hours at the practice. We request our patients to avoid collecting referrals or scripts at any other times as we are taking precautionary measures to limit exposure in the current pandemic circumstances.

Please note that our practice will not be able to mail or email any confidential documents. We thank you for your understanding with our practice policy with regards to Telehealth services.